Reunion Party

This year should have been the Mainland Class of 1989's 25th reunion.  It appears they were unable to get together formally.  The question on the table is should we do something different for our 25th and make it a bigger reunion? Would there be interest in inviting the Classes of '89 and '91 to everything and make it a triple class reunion?  This could potentially boost the attendance allowing us to make it a bigger event (and maybe even lower the cost).  It also allows us have a fun two-day party and spend some time with the other classes.

The choice isn't up to the reunion committee though, it's up to all of us.  If we are interested in doing this, we need to make a decision soon so we can let the other classes know.  Let us know what you think!




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1)   Should we invite the Classes of '89 and '91 to all of the events during the reunion and make it one big reunion party?